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December 15th, 2009, 16:17
Originally Posted by migwell View Post
My main character is an elven ranger. she is great at picking flowers, disarming traps and healing, and can shoot arrows quite slowly and to little effect. No melee skills, making the Amazon quest with Rhulana and her 'sister' impossible…
My main was an elven ranger as well. You can somewhat make up for the lack of melee skills by getting and leveling up the summon animal companion spell (I played the German version so I don't know what it's called in the English version). An animal companion can be a lot of help, especially at higher levels if you can summon a bear that has the ability/chance to knockdown your enemies. It's also a great tank obviously. I'd recommend to get that spell ASAP.
Another spell that is a must for a fragile ranged elf (or any caster for that matter) is "Armatrutz" (German name of the spell). It's the spell that gives you a great armor bonus and that lasts for 5 minutes (300 seconds).

As for Rhulana opinions may vary but I turned her into a melee fighter/tank to go along with Forgrimm (my fourth character was Gladys who I mostly used as a thief/mage hybrid). That worked out pretty well.

By the way, you don't have to do the Amazon quest right away. I wasn't able to deal with the enemies right away either. I came back after I had gotten a few more levels in that animal companion skill and then at a later level quite easily beat the fight with a bear, Rhulana and little me. Make sure to summon the bear before starting up the dialogue with the sister.
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