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December 22nd, 2009, 03:44
OK, downloaded and started playing Heroes Of Might & Magic III.
Loving it so far, very addictive!
Also like that it's an older game but the interface doesn't really feel clunky.

Oh and also playing Drakensang and think I'm going to stick with it.
Nothing mind-blowing so far but it's entertaining and I just like the way it "feels".

As for Titan Quest, tried to play it again this weekend, think it's coming off the hard drive.

Aside from the lovely graphics in Egypt now (they did an amazing job with this graphics engine, it really is lovely even a few years later - and great use of lighting/shadows), the game really doesn't change at all. I expected the difficulty to ramp up by now. Just too repetetive and dull.

And speaking of Diablo clones, I saw some video footage from Torchlight and I think what Titan Quest is missing is that very frantic, stuff flying all over the screen pace in the battles. Enemies move much too slowly in TQ and they don't really swarm until you get really close.
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