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December 28th, 2009, 20:18
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
….WoW has definitely established some standards that every RPG developer (who wants to be successful) is adhering to these days (like the way you control the camera by holding down the RMB, the way you can arrange and customize your toolbars by dragging and dropping, the way that buffs and debuffs are applied and displayed etc. etc. etc…. it's all very WoW-ish in a lot of the more recent RPGs).
What? I played wow during 2 month and didn't notice anything about the camera when it took me some time to get use to this in Drakensang?

Well I bet wow had other setup that I used instead but if I remember well it's not new setup with wow but NWN1 had the ability to not use mouselock but with a key, not sure if a MB press was possible.

For me the key point of Drakensang and DAO is to not let me another choice and force me learn use this setup and I dond't think wow did that.

Also for me, not sure if wow do it or not but it's still not the best setup there are missing things:
  • Mouselock on/off should be optionally a toggle not through a forced RMB but that you can program on anything, MB or key.
  • The games should have a toggle automove option (like in Morrowind) ie a move forward toggle command, very handy for CRPG.

With some tools I can program myself those two and did it for Drakensang but it's tedious not have that native in the game and for DAO I haven't yet took the time to program it too.

Other than that I haven't played any Blizzard game since a very long time but it's right they have always been a team very smart on interface design.
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