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December 28th, 2009, 22:28
I'm not sure about the LMB vs RMB management, if I remember well in Drakensang RMB is only for moving with a click and moving the cam for the drag and LMB is for selecting anything, in game (a target) and an element of the interface, I don't remember how you select multiple party members.

In DAO RMB is for interaction in game, for moving or selecting a target by clicking on it, LMB is for selecting an interface element by a click. There's certainly a reason but I don't understand the DAO choices about this and despite I already played many hours I'm still doing some wrong click.

For a standard shooters player the trick could be to replace:
Move forward/backward, Strafe left/right.
Move forward/pause, Look left/right.

You'll lost the strafe and in DAO you could try use it a bit during fights but well it's not shooter and give up on it is fine because it's a team you manage and for the team strafe doesn't mean a lot. And in exchange you get a diversified cam control allowing using much much less the RMB drag to control the cam or to use it during shorter time.
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