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December 30th, 2009, 13:40
I change point number6 to something that is otherwise unknown to the English-speaking world:

6. English-language Character Name Limits

That is, because in different languages non-English characters are perfectly normal, which has been ignored for decades by English-oriented profgrammers.

Even nowadays there are more than enough of programs having real problems with folder names which contain non-English characters.

Just one example could be the German prefix" "über", which just means "super".

So, if I imagine a hero's name contraining non-English characters, most "old school" games wouldn't allow me to use them, because their programmers were English-centric. And they didn't even notice what they did to the non-English speaking world. Just take any Greek or Latin name and replace (as it is often done here in Germany) the ae with ä. So Aenais would become Äneis. Not useable in older games.

One of my still biggest wishes is more - far more - regardfulness towards non-English characters in programs and games. Not only for hero names, but also for folder names, savegame names, even item names …

If a game was developed in France, for example, the acceptance of non-English characters would be far greater, I guess.
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