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December 30th, 2009, 19:43
Originally Posted by Zephyr View Post
Level Caps: These are two-edged swords, no joke intended. Take FO3. I maxed out at Level 20 early by exploring all over the place, then I installed Broken Steel and maxed out at Level 30 by doing same. I still haven't completed Broken Steel and have quite a bit left.
There's got to be a practical way to stretch out the gaining of experience at higher levels to maintain interest in the game. Perhaps making higher levels progressively more difficult to attain and making certain weapons level or skill dependent.
Mileage might vary. I was strugling with getting to level 30.

Level 20 I mostly reached a couple of hours before the end. However after finishing all major quests including Broken Steel I really had to work alot of hours to get to level 30.

It took me between 50 and 76 hours to get to level 20. And between 18 and 40 hours to reach 30 from level 20.

I played on easy, and as you might now while the enemies are easier they give less in XP, so it takes longer to level. Another factor might be that some of my characters weren't build in the most effective way.

In your case it might have been solved by giving low XP for dificult enemies.

Reminds me of Divinity 2 where you can use xp as mindread currency.
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