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December 31st, 2009, 00:10
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Heh - I'd almost forgotten that is why PC is still king for me… - I had none of those probs at the end…
Yeah, things were really bad at certain points. I'll give you a for instance. Remember the fight against the Guardian of the Golden Fleece? Second to last boss fight? Tough little bastard. He was in a giant pool of green liquid, he would send out tri-fold bolts of exploding green goo that would chase you, he would appear and disappear, he would throw out a lot of spell effects, and there were Minotaurs and other baddies sloshing through the goo and trying to attack you.

At times during that fight, the framerate slowed to an absolute crawl. Plus, the camera got too close in, so that your character would disappear from the screen. So imagine the the air is churning with enemies, exploding goo is coming at you, you're getting attacked from all sides, but you can't see anything, including yourself. All you see is a bunch of churning green goo, going every which way on the screen, in extremely sloooow motion.

Normally this stuff doesn't bother me, but this was nerve-wracking, because that was a boss fight, and there were one-hit kill dangers about to strike, yet I couldn't see them. This happened over and over during a very long fight, and I died several times because of it. I shook my head and kind of laughed it off, but that was frustrating.
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