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December 31st, 2009, 00:36
Originally Posted by Greymane View Post
I say skip levelling entirely. Give me a maxed character, and make the exploration, item finding, adventures the GAME .. not the levelling. I'd go for finding ways to add to your knowledge or skill sets, better cooking, woodworking, mining, gemology, etc.. etc.. but give me my weapon abilities, strength and endurance and let the game begin.
Ugh… if you really want that just cheat to give yourself max level. Don't ruin the sense of growing stronger for the rest of us.

Besides, there are other ways to improve characters without the "Level" system. I liked the old Skill bars from Betrayal at Krondor for example. Only thing there is that maybe the max of 100 would need to be removed and just make going over be increasingly hard and return decreasing results.
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