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December 31st, 2009, 05:25
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
I like food, but I also love micromanaging every little detail of my character/party. Case in point Realms of Arkania. You actually got sick if you didn't bundle up in cold weather and your shoes wore out over time. Gotta love a game that goes into that kind of detail. That kind of game isn't for everyone of course, but for me it's great.
I think the RoA reference is perfect here. I loved the fact that food wasn't taken for granted (and things like diseases, hexes, poisons, etc had a truly profound impact and actually took a clever/diligent player to circumvent or minimize these unfortunate occurences.) Need I mention the requirement of adding negative attributes? Wonderful stuff! In my experience with the RoA series, I felt infinitely closer to my pixelated, minimally-narrated PCs (than I do to the PCs in today's CRPG titles), because I felt like they'd truly had life-impacting trials and tribulations I guided them through…they are legitimately vulnerable PCs and because of that, they are deeper and more interesting to play.

The RoA series is possibly my fondest experience in the CRPG genre. I'd love to see another true RoA title. I'm sure I'm dreaming.

Great to see someone else also thinks the RoA series was worth mentioning.
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