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December 31st, 2009, 09:05
I played multiple parts of Kotor and gave up because I never succeed understand how was working the fights, I got a lot of troubles with the pause and even more when I tried didn't use the pause.

In Drakensang I also played a lot with only the W remapped to R but rather soon I used a toggle system for the mouselock on/off and in mid game I exchanged the strafe keys for turn keys.

The problem with all those controls is that we played too much too many game with similar controls popularized by Doom controls system. So it's rather hard to change for a new system. At least for me. In fact I have two systems, the Doom like and the other is the BG1 like, well I'm sure older game allowed use the mouse for controlling anything in the game but I don't remember which one, probably at least Fallout 1… More probably adventure games.
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