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January 1st, 2010, 21:04
There's a thread in the 1C forums about this bug:
"reportedly a bug in the endgame where the entire sequence plays in Russian, but I can’t confirm that one, as sadly I have not mustered the endurance to play past sixty hours."

The ending apparently doesn't play in Russian, it's just plain broken period(apparently just crashes) in English. So someone there wrote a data unpacker/packer and replaced the english text at that point with the Russian, clicked his way to a saveable point, then apparently replaced the English again… gets kind of fuzzy there… No one in the thread understood Russian so… (Oh yeah IIRC this player mentioned that it only took him about 30h or so to finish the game…)

Day/Night Watch the engine was good, but Silent Storm was a better game using that engine.

Price: wait and see if it hits Steam's daily extra off deals(there should be two more days left I think… check at noon Eastern time every day), although I'm losing hope as the last several days have had nothing but junk or pieces of "gold"/"complete" packs that weren't any better of a deal than the complete pack unless you already had some pieces and just needed one expansion pack.
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