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January 2nd, 2010, 09:43
.Rise of Legends continued to fail to impress me, so it got uninstalled.

Titan Quest, at first was headed the same direction. Then it suddenly became fun, it's jus getting past the first initial grassland/satyr tedium can be tough. Especially when youve tried the game before, and it's basically all youve ever known. BTW - Volcanic Orb+Core Dweller for the win. I picked up Spirit at level 8 and am going for the Lich & Core Dweller minion onslaugt, w/ some death and fire magic. Sounds like it just may eventually suck and i dont know what im doing mixing these two masteries, but I think it just may work. Sounds fun anyway
Also back in the MMO-zone w/ LOTRO. DDO got canned, well actually MMO in general did… but my girl is a LOTRO nut, and what she's shown me looks really cool. So I'll give it a whirl so we can play together as well. Impressed w/ what I'm seeing quite frankly, the world is gorgeous, the lore is cool (true to LOTR), its at one time accessible and complex as you want to make it. Doing all the noob shit and hovering around level 12 as a Hunter, now going to hit the wikis and see what I'm missing.

Picked up Street Fighter 4 on steam for 9.99 - wow there's a change of pace. Plugged my controller in, barely endured the menu music long enough to set up a match, then promptly got my ass kicked by Chun Li. Felt good, its been a while!
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