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January 2nd, 2010, 19:01
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
…Titan Quest, at first was headed the same direction. Then it suddenly became fun, it's jus getting past the first initial grassland/satyr tedium can be tough. Especially when youve tried the game before, and it's basically all youve ever known. BTW - Volcanic Orb+Core Dweller for the win. I picked up Spirit at level 8 and am going for the Lich & Core Dweller minion onslaugt, w/ some death and fire magic. Sounds like it just may eventually suck and i dont know what im doing mixing these two masteries, but I think it just may work. Sounds fun anyway …
Conjurer(Spirit/Earth) is one of the classic builds, Sammy. You should enjoy it. Evoker (Earth/Dream) is also pretty uber if you like the Earth skills. Glad you're finally getting something out of the game. I agree that Greece gets old fast. My favorite part continues to be China, but Egypt is a close second.

As for me, I'm on my third character (mage/normal) in Armored Princess--too many noob mistakes on the first two. This one hopefully will do the trick.
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