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January 3rd, 2010, 10:51
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
This name could have its origin from the BrocÚliande forest which is a myth forest of the Arthurian legends but also a forest localized in French Britain, one of the name used for this forest is Brecilien.
Interesting, - thanks Dasale.
Talking of "sound like" stuff in the game, of course there's also
Arl = Earl, Ser = Sir; Bann = Baron

Btw, I'd been wondering about the "Teyrn" title, so I looked it up, and apparently:
"Teyrn" is also an actual real world title, being the Welsh for "petty king," or "tyrant." ; or "sovereign", according to other sources.

Interesting also that they called the neighbouring country with French customs and citizens with French accents, "Orlais" , with a capital called "Val Royeaux"… XD

Ferelden does seem rather Medieval British with its Chantry and a similar structure in its aristocracy.
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