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January 3rd, 2010, 20:37
Played the demo for Torchlight last night.

I really like the cartoony look of the graphics, something that I guess has been a negative for some. I also liked the pace of the game which seemed a bit quicker than Titan Quest's. And there also wasn't a ton of loot dropping with every kill so I spent more time in combat than picking stuff up.

Still… don't think I'm sold. Guess I'm not much of a action-rpg-loot fest kind of guy.

However, picked up Rogue Galaxy for the PS2 last week and have been hooked. It's a JRPG from Dragon Quest VIII developer Level 5. Very impressive for a game that came out in 2007. Cell shaded graphics look lovely, music is good and the game is HUGE (large environments, large variety of them, and lots of optional stuff to do).

It has an action/real time combat system like the Tales series that is very fast paced and fun to use. It has weapons that level up and can be combined and upgraded along with a cool skill system based on items that drop from enemies or that you find so it makes it worth it to search for treasure chests and check the loot out at shops.

Story is basically Star Wars + Final Fantasy, no huge surprises but the voice acting is excellent and brings the characters to life, and the writing is good which helps. Only 15 hours in and have seen a lot (supposedly the game is really long, as in over 50 hours). Anyway, great game. Always nice to come across a JRPG that takes me back to those SNES days - not only is the game fun, the combat can get pretty tough.
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