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January 3rd, 2010, 20:59
Originally Posted by Relayer View Post
Played the demo for Torchlight last night.

I really like the cartoony look of the graphics, something that I guess has been a negative for some. I also liked the pace of the game which seemed a bit quicker than Titan Quest's. And there also wasn't a ton of loot dropping with every kill so I spent more time in combat than picking stuff up.

Still… don't think I'm sold. Guess I'm not much of an action-rpg guy.
I'm not generally into a-rpg either, but I'm having a very good time with Torchlight so far. I suppose the real test will be how long I stick with it. I enjoyed Diablo2 for a while, but a combination of frustration and something akin to boredom caused me not to finish it. As usual, I'm playing a melee grunt. There hasn't been much challenge to it, but I picked either normal or easy when I started since I wasn't really looking for a tough go. Good times so far. We'll see what the future holds, but I think I'll get my $10 worth.

Enough yakking. I'm back to the mines.
Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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