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January 7th, 2010, 16:14
But maybe the reason that games are so seldom replayed is that it makes so little difference? Ussually as you said wolfing all you might get is a different ending.. which you could watch on youtube. But a game like deus ex acctually makes quite some difference depending on what you do.

But what if a lot of events / story parts / battles / characters etc was different? in that case maybe the replay would be much more interesting ?

What is "C&C" ? I only know "Command & Conquer".
Oooops I thought this was a well-known concept. I stand corrected I updated the title to write Choices and Consequences. I guess the pool is slighty flawed as a game such as the witcher might be fun because of the C&C even if you only play it through ones………….. but it is not possible to updates polls… o well.
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