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January 8th, 2010, 17:56
I am not making this game to sell as many copies as possible.

I want to make a really fun and innovative game. Since it is turn-based I am not expecting people who only like action-rpgs / morrowinds / oblivions to be interessed to play or buy it though.

But I think it will be interesting for anyone who like turn-based RPGs with lots of stats and numbers and those kinds of things, after all I think very few here will consider branching stories and choices a huge negative in such a game/ as long as the strategy and stats part is solid?

However I am asking the RPGWatch crowd a lot of questions, because I think each have a lot of experiance and valued opinions on how to make a really good and fun RPG, even the ones who love action RPGs.

A good example is old Sierra's Quest for Glory series. You could play as a mage, complete the game, then start over as a thief and it would be a completely different experience (different gameplay, different approach to puzzles, access to different areas) and then again as a fighter. It's one of the few games (RPG) I've replayed.
Excellent example, both story and gameplay was really different…. those games where kind of short though
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