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Default Choices & Consequences or Game Length? which is most important?

January 8th, 2010, 19:19
Thanks for the explanation !

In the demo of Drakensang 2, for example, there is a shop which appears when you play some classes, and it is not there, when you play others.

There is also a choice between two companions - a quite drastic one. (I won't spoil too much for those who haven't played the demo or the full game yet).

"Choices & Consequences" are imho not easy to implement … And they might perhaps even leave the people with reloading, because they had the impression as if the consequence wasn't clear enough for them.

To me, I'd personally prefer a mixture of both (choices & consequences & length). On the other hand I must admit that I'm a fan of "happy endings" and I don't like tragical outcomes in choices at all (Div1: the cure of the plague in the town, for example).

What I'd find interesting, personally, would be for example to have a different ally depending on my choice. Or in another part of the land things dvelop differently because of a decision (the hero decided, for example, to go to a certain, distant battlefield to fight against enemies, whereas on a different battlefield the hero decided NOT to visit, (probably other) enemies win because of the hero's group not being there. Or even so that the hero's group can be splitted between both battlefields: In both, then, the enemy's troops have become "lighter" because of the hero's groups' effort, but they haven't been completely eradicated).
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