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January 8th, 2010, 19:44
"Sell" might have been a poor choice of words. I'm talking about appeal and interest more than the financial angle.

I get the whole "build it and they will come" attitude, but maybe I don't really get it. I guess my point is mostly this: think about whose advice/opinions you take. You've got an artistic vision of your game. Moving away from that vision will weaken your game. If your vision is Morrowind (I know it's not, but Morrowind is a well-known game that I hatedhatedhated but still played 30+ hours trying very hard to like it, so I feel fair using it as an example), you shouldn't listen to the advice/opinions I offer no matter how wise, brilliant, and wickedly handsome I might be--I will pull you away from your vision, even if it's not intentional. That's not to say you want an echo chamber, but people nudging your vision a little to the side isn't the same as people dragging you back the opposite direction.

OK, the horse is completely pulped. Hopefully I didn't derail your thread too badly.

So, to slightly revise my on-topic first response and get us back on track: this here spreadsheet gamer doesn't put much value on C&C, so gimme game length.
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