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January 9th, 2010, 13:37
I tend to get a bit carried away so your comments to bring me down to earth a bit is also really good! But for example the scene Coriwn mentioned earlier is not costing me that much extra work. Basically this game is like Ogre Tactics which I think few people here have played. That means that occurences are split into scenes. So what'll happen is there are different versions of different scenes, but I don't have to create a bunch of new assets / art / areas etc everytime I branch.

This has a cost in that there is not a huge open world to explore freely ( which I would loved to have, but it is not realistic with the amount of resources, I mean a studio with 50 people who work full-time for 3 years cannot do that ). It'll be like Baldur's gate, you move on a map, and choose where you want to go, for some scenes you'll be allowed to move around and explore the area freely, for others you'll simple have a story encounter.
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