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January 10th, 2010, 20:22
Anyone play any good post-apocalyptic rpg games using cars instead of people? It doesn't even have to be post-apocalyptic, just a good Autoduel like game that doesn't involve ONLY racing. It can have racing in it, but I don't want the whole game to be about that.

The reason I ask is because I bought Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of the Clans when it was on sale and while all of the ingredients are there for a good 'road warrior' type of game, it somehow misses the mark. Probably all the times my dang car gets stuck in some hole somewhere has something to do with my frustration over this game.

Darkwind comes awfully close to what I would love, but it's only on the net and I would like to play a single-player rpg game.

I've looked around and found that the only really popular ones are 'car racing/fighting' games. I want more rpg in it like with Autoduel or even Hard Truck.

So anyone played something I might have missed in my search? I don't care how old it is or on what platform. I'll buy a dang PS2 in a few months if it means that I can put the pedal to the metal in some Road Warrior type action.

Thanks in advance.
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