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January 11th, 2010, 14:45
A few issues I have with it; firstly the graphics are awesome but there seems to be no anti alaising, so there are terrible jaggies.

Also the camera is zoomed way out from the character and there is no way to adjust it.

The interface is kinda crappy. I've seen a screenie of the PC version and it has that nice panel on the bottom of the screen with your health and mana and items and whatnot. There's nothing like that on the 360. Just the eight buttons and the map (which displays your health and mana). Also the player screens (inventory, character sheet ect) look decidedly crap to me, although I don't know if they look any different on the PC.

A quite serious issue for me has to do with the controls. You have eight slots to assign skills and items, the D pad and the four buttons. The A button is also used to confirm menu selections and dialog, and the B button is used to back out of screens. There seems to be a glitch where by when you use the A button to make a selection, lets say select END to end a dialog, you activate that quick slot. So for example if you have a health potion on you A button, every time you end a dialog you will use potion. Same with the B button. Every time you exit a screen you active the B button's quick slot. So you really have no choice but to leave A and B empty, and that leaves only six quick slots. To access any other skills and items you pause (by pushing down on the right stick, the open either an item menu or a skill menu and select what you want to use. The problem is, something that you will use a lot like your dragons stones and summon skull are in there with all your potions and food and other cunsumables and you end up having to scroll through them all every time you want to use an item.

None of these things are game stoppers but I thought it might help to mention them.
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