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January 11th, 2010, 20:10
Hi, I love these sort of games!

Unfortunately, Hard Truck Apocalypse, and the sequel/expansion Rise of Clans are the closest thing to Autoduel for Windows. I enjoyed them, but they are flawed, for sure.

If you've got a Game Boy Advance, or Nintendo DS (not DSi), I highly recommend Car Battler Joe. Game mechanics-wise, it's pretty much a remake of Autoduel, but with JRPG trappings.

Interstate '76 is an excellent game, but apart from a bit of inventory management (upgrading/repairing your car) it doesn't have any RPG elements. The sequel Interstate '82 was mostly a disappointment compared to the original, but I still mostly enjoyed it. Bandits: Phoenix Rising is a similar, lesser-known game.
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