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Default Game Length but no end game boss battle please

January 12th, 2010, 15:48
Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
I am thinking of what to be the main focus. As already stated this game has a lot of C&C but each time you add a choice with real consequence your developemnt time is multiplied by 2 ( Assuming the two paths are completely different ).

I am wondering which people think is most important replayability and C&C or game length? Almost every game I know of except Japanese games focus on game length.
I have played a great many games that had different types of character to play or different paths to follow. However I have a preferred style of play and even though I have tried other ideas (e.g. playing as the evel guy) I always come back to that style. That does not mean I always play e.g. a "good" warrior, but a character that feels right in the context of the game. I have tried to replay games with a different character e.g. mage instead of paladin, but just get bored knowing what comes next; so multiple paths would have to be so different that the game was fundametaly altered for me. As an aside I hate the end game resulting in spending ages running around a big boss shooting of all my ammo just to get the end credits (or something similar). I would rather see a tangible reward in character, and the option to continue with quests I have not completed, if that is relevant.
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