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January 14th, 2010, 08:46
I saw Cronos a few weeks ago, wasn't too bad, bit different that your average vampire flick.

I am also looking for the names of some old classics (i think) so I can possibly watch them again, would be great if any horror film buffs could help me out. The first is an old 80's/maybe early 90's werewolf movie. Basically it involved a large mansion and had a gun with silver bullets if I recall correctly. The only scene I am certain about was the very end when they were climbing out of a window on the second floor and one of them didn't make it and got pulled back in by the werewolf and then they jumped in a car and started driving and the WW jumped on the roof only to be impaled by the gate in the driveway when they crash into it. Saw it when I was very young and it was possibly the very first horror film I ever saw so it holds fond memories for me.

The second is a little more recent, probably late 90's and involved a sci-fi setting were prisoners are on a spaceship going somewhere and they get plugged into these virtual reality machines where they can live out their fantasies only something goes wrong and they start getting murdered (in both RL and VR).

The 3rd is a sleazy horror from about the same time period which featured blood sucking bats and a creepy old guy (may have been a vampire/monster) which a basement with a furnace in it. It also featured a shower scene and many more gratuitous shots.

Sorry this isn't exactly on topic but i've been trying to track them down for years and even scanned most of the movies on imdb (at least a few 1000 which matched my search criteria) to no avail.
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