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January 14th, 2010, 10:15
Yep, it's on the shelf next to the bits of child pickpockets.

Seriously, this is a great piece. I can remember those hard fought battles like they were yesterday, but most of the storylines from the hundreds of games that I've played have faded from my memory. For instance in Albion I can remember quite clearly a battle with some third level alien beasts that wiped out most of my party. I was down to one guy and had to use some of my precious ammo for my only handgun to survive. Even then I was down to a few hitpoints. I could tell you everything about that battle, but as far as the plot was concerned I can remember a little from the beginning and middle, but for the life of me I can't remember the ending other than that I enjoyed it.

Battles aside, what is this "accidental repeated injections of super stimpacks"? I didn't know you could kill those kids that way. Also, I never even thought of planting a bomb on them. I just ran past the little rodents.

The Falllout games are truly gems. Even after all these years I'm still finding out new things about it. I never did try the stealth aproach. Maybe it is high time I found out.
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