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January 15th, 2010, 20:29
Iíve seen and played a bit of the Xbox 360 version of Divinity 2 (Although Iím playing the PC version right now). Thereíre two things I like that X360 version has but PC version hasnít. Fix camera distance, first. If youíve seen Div 2 on the PC you know that camera distance constantly changes according to the way you look. This constant zooming in and out sometimes gives me a headache. But, there is no option to fix the camera in the menu.

Second, X360 version has the easily readable, large text fonts, PC version has so little fonts. Of course, there is no option to change that too in the PC.

I wrote in the official forum about these and asked the devs the chance to put these options in the game with a later patch. No one cared. So, I think Iím the only one who has problem with it.

Other than that, graphics are a little less detailed in Xbox 360 according to the PC (which is normal bec of the memory restrictions). Framerate is well (if we compare it to Venetica or Two Worlds, in both of them framerates are terrible), there are some FPS drops but PC version isnít shining about this anyway (Framerate drops on the PC version is also common Iím afraid. My PC is slightly above the recommended system, but my framerate sometimes drops too). Iíve seen better ones but the interface isnít that bad, since I used to Xbox 360 controller thanks to playing Fallout 3 on it nearly 200 hours). As the gameplay is in a TPS style, gamepad controller suits well to the game.

Long story short: You can buy the Xbox 360 version without any doubt. Playing the game with a controller while sprawling in my couch is superb. I can not find this opportunity much Iím afraid, because my wife has a full dominion over the TV and Xbox 360 controller.
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