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January 17th, 2010, 21:50
Originally Posted by Dhraiden View Post
I will play until the last character in my party dies, then of course I have to reload. If it is a game where a dead character stays dead forever - then I still reload, and try a better strategy. I do not reload at the first death of a party member though, I try to see if I can beat the fight despite it- sometimes it's especially satisfying to survive a fight with just one character left barely standing. But I never keep playing in situations where characters have become permanently dead and there is no way to bring them back. I will keep dead characters in tow for a very long time as long as there exists at a distant point down the line even a remote possibility that they can be brought back (the chance of buying a revival spell at the local temple, or finding a scroll, etcetera…)

So I voted 'never reload' with the viewpoint that this is referring to games where death isn't permanent.
So right, it's a really good gaming stuff when it doesn't put you in desperate cases.

In the game Citadel: Adventure of the Crystal Keep, the design around it was very cool. It was a dungeon game so coming back to town was a regular necessity. And when a character was dead you need use two members to carry the body with movement penalties in the maze (to flee monsters to avoid a fight).

But also you could let a corpse here and even your whole party dead. Back in town setup a new party to rescue the dead party through multiple rescue expeditions. As your members was managed through a roster available in town and that multiply PC used was working rather well, it was a rather fun part of the game. Well if it happened too many times you could have trouble because of the money cost but then reload was always possible.

Also your members could be poisoned and a trick was using an ability to make him unconscious slowing a lot the poison speed and you had to carry the corpse asap to town before he dies.

There was also some traps where you was enclosed. But a rescue party could find a way to free you. Or for some traps or suspected traps you could slip your party to organize a more complex management of progression in the maze.

When thinking of this game, it was a marvel.
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