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January 21st, 2010, 03:49
Most important:

There are 8 basic attributes (strength, charisma, etc.). They are tested with a D20. Roll below (or exactly on) your value and the test succeeds. Same thing with attack and parry values in combat, also with dodge.

Talents (except for combat-Talents) work like this:
A talent is assigned 3 corresponding attributes. For example Swimming (not actually in the CRPG) would be Agility, Constitution and Strength (AG/CO/ST).
When a talent is tested, there are three individual dice-rolls on each of these attributes. Your actual Swimming skill would then be used to balance dice-rolls that didn't succeed.

Lets make an example:
You have values of 10/14/12 in AG/CO/ST. You have a swimming skill of 5.
The game-master asks you to do a swimming test (he can make this test harder or easier if he chooses, indicated by e.g. +5 or -2 etc.).
You first roll the agility die: 9 - success.
Then you roll the constitution die: 5 - sucess.
Finally the Strength die: 17. Failed.

But luckily you have 5 points in swimming, exactly enough to balance the failed strength test.
If the first roll would have been 11, there would have only been 4 points left to balance the last roll, and the test would have failed.

Sometimes there are prerequisite amounts of talent points you need to save (not use) to succeed in something. Or the number of leftover points determines the value of your success.

Magic spells work exactly the same. A spell to befriend someone for a short period of time might be a Charisma/Charisma/Intution test (CH/CH/IN), and so on.
The leftover points ("TaP*" is what they are called - Talent Points, and the * stands for leftover, don't know what leftover spell points are in the English version) then tell you how long the spell works, or how strong the bond between you and the bewitched person is. For a combat spell they may add to the basic damage of the spell, etc.

Hope that helps a little.
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