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January 21st, 2010, 09:21
AFTD got my vote.

After thinking about it, I think my vote is maybe a bit unfair though. Out of the games above that I have played (most of them) it is clearly the *worst* game… but that was not what the poll asked me I'm actually not sure that I'm outright disappointed with the game, since I paid only $15 for it and wasn't expecting much.

Probably should have voted for Divinity 2, since this is a game I *really* wanted to be good.. and while I've actually enjoyed the game very much, for the most part, there have also been frustrations. And right now I've actually stopped playing it after encountering a bunch of archers, at my own level, that kills me instantly from a distance. Two arrows, and I'm dead… WTF?!?

Risen, on the other hand, was great! Ending sucked, but the rest was just fine. Each to his own, but I really can't understand those complaints about the second "half" - where "half" refers to number of chapters, not playing time!!
Yes, they were quite linear.. but one of them was very short and took place inside the volcano (a quite nice dungeon) and the final one was wrapping things up. The last chapter was probably why Risen didn't get my GOTY vote, but going so far as to calling it disappointing??
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