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January 21st, 2010, 10:25
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
I half disagree.
Especially in the case of more story driven games, bad ending can ruin the overall impression of the game and the journey in retrospect.
I really wish developers would care about endings of their games more and plan the development accordingly.
Ending should be the climax of the game, not something that leaves sour undertones when thinking back about the experience.
Imagine Planescape: Torment with botched conclusion.
Also, knowing the ending sucks hurts the journey upon replay.
Did you like Divine Divinity? I did. I also thought that ending sucked, but I replay that game without any hesitation.

There is no way Planescape could be any less than one of the best games out there. I don't care if it had the worst ending in the history of bad endings. I'm talking Indiana Jones 4 bad. It would still be one of the best RPG in my library. The reason being the journey to the end was what made that game great.

I'm glad it didn't have a horrible conclusion to that wonderful game, but it wouldn't stop me from playing it again.

Knowing the ending hurts any replay. You already know what is going to happen so what is the point. The reason I replay any game is the same reason I reread any good book. I want to relive the experience of getting to the end.

Anyway, we all have different criteria when playing a RPG and we all probably have different definitions on what a RolePlaying game is. I just happen to enjoy the adventure much more than the actual conclusion.
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