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January 21st, 2010, 16:05
Dragon Age, very disappointed.

After you strip away the decent, occasionally good, dialog there's nothing there. The story is horrible, the characters are Bioware cliche, the character system is extremely simple (in a bad way) and the combat has very little depth.

I laugh when people rip on Borderlands for not having a story then praise DA:O. The story was of the same quality, DA:O just had a lot more of it. Gearbox knew their story was crap so ignored it, Bioware champions theirs to the exclusion of gameplay.

What part of this had such high production values? Because they spent the time to litter their blocky fuzzy graphics with rocks? Because everything had full speech? Because they took the time to make sure it was flashy enough to catch the console kiddies attention? Maybe it was that I had to spend an hour in camp after every mission holding the hands of each companions so they felt special. Oh I know, it's all the time they spent lovingly crafting the items in the game like Steel Sword (level IV)!

I will however give Bioware full credit for adapting the interface as well as they were able to mouse and keyboard. At least they didn't try to push a pos console interface on the PC because they were too cheap or lazy.
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