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January 21st, 2010, 16:22
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Legend? As in, Legend: Hand of God. That game was shocking, I'm sorry.
Shocking? A game that got an average ratio of 75% http://critify.de/games/pc/370/legend-hand-of-god/ and got a 60% score on IGN, being the limited distributed, foreign language game it was?

As I wrote: Legend and Frater (aka Chosen) are good Diablo clones, NOT great ones. I read that Legend got a very bad localization job in the US, so that might be shocking. The rushed ending chapter is shocking, too, but did anyone ever hold that against Divine Divinity? No? Thoght so.

Torchlight is just a mix of Diablo-ripped elements, ugly grafics, low production values, no atmosphere, lame attempts at humor and the worst viewing perspective since Nox (2. worst Diablo clone ever).

Legend HoG had everything that is missing from Torchlight. A good viewing perspective, nice grafics with a lot of style (look at the concept art), heart warming humor, a reasonable story (I even read the novel and listened to the audiobook) and characters with personality.

Loot grinding ALONE is not what makes an ACRPGs great. This is why some people still prefer D1 over D2, because D1 simply had more style and was the more complete package.

Technically STEAM may not be a rootkit, but if I HAVE to join a gaming network for a single player game (and Games for Windows Live is as bad), not just to get my bought product to run, but just to get the SAVE anywhere function (read the news about Bioshock 2 and GFWL), than it surely behaves like one. In this way I am not in control of my computer. Remember the thing about the WoW client? It wasn't a rootkit, too, but it collected client data nonetheless - do you like this "Brave new World" of computer gaming? I surely don't.
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