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January 21st, 2010, 17:33
Funny, the RPG Watch game of the year and disappointing game of the year will likely be the same simply because it has probably been the most played one.

I voted Geneforge for the reason already mentioned earlier. I really wish Jeff could come up with something new. He can re-use the same old graphic as far as I'm concerned, but invent some new game mechanisms, a new «world». Perhaps something with a smaller scope than saving the world another time and more developped characters.

Yes, DA offered some disapointment but overall, it offered a great gaming experience. A rather interesting world with tons of lore, simple and limited yet interesting game mechanisms. Pretty bugless, good and well voiced dialogs. Risen is far more shallow and Drakensang didnt hook me nearly as much.

But probably my biggest disapointment in 2009 came from the first russian reviews of Disciples III.
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