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January 21st, 2010, 20:26
The mod installer is in fact the best part of this pack for me. Myself I tried few, quickly drop the mass of nude mods to not be tempted, this lower a lot the number of mods available.

So I end with only one mod, QuarterMasterTolby giving a merchant at base camp to use as a free storage. I also installed PHUnlockSpecials, not included in the pack, it unlocks all specializations not yet unlock. Well I removed it right after as it wasn't necessary anymore once all was unlock.

EDIT: I'm replaying the game, companions and dialogs has been a very pleasant surprise, they are more fun to discover at second play than at first play and it seems I get many different dialogs, there's plenty I don't remember from first play, also I didn't dig a lot companions dialogs during first play. For the difficulty, I switch quickly to hard but not sure if I should stick to it or should try harder. All in all I'm hesitant to use mods that change deeply the game because I consider that despite the flaws it has a design deep that worth explore more and that particularly for the overall system and links to the fights. For example I would use a mod giving more and free tactical slots. But it's possible that this will break a balance because of the saving points it will mean, that will bring more to some character building than for some other or for some companions than for some other.
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