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January 22nd, 2010, 19:31
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Old thread, I know and apologize. But I want to ask: so, EAX and a Sound Blaster card improves performance in games? I've only had on-board sound for the last two PC's I've had. This might be interesting when I decide to build a new one. This one is 5 years old.

Oh, and I got to this thread by searching for sound stuttering. I have stuttering and disappearing sound in The Witcher during cut-scenes. Anyone have a solution to that?

Sorry for digging this up.
Onboard sound chips can cause all kinds of problems in many games, even without taking EAX into account. Sometimes it helps to use alternate sound sources/drivers in games (e. g. miles sound system IIRC) instead of the windows default option.
Sometimes stuttering in cut-scenes comes from some incorrect sync between sound and video. You may want to try playing the cut-scene outside ofthe game (don't remember if the whitcher video files are accessible outside of the game) and check if they play normally then. In that case it is not the fault of your sound card.
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