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January 24th, 2010, 18:05
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
This is the wrong question, imho.

The rweal question should imho be :

What do I do if I want to install this game after - let's say - 10 years ? Will the activation servers still be active, then ?

And that MS is "a big company" and because of that the servers might last long isn't any good answer, then. Because we all know how mich they are likely to axe things down they don't see fit. The MS Windows-Soundcard, for example, which no-one remembers today.
So when does it stop? Should I stop buying movies that I would like to see just because in 10 years time even Blue Ray will have been replaced by some new system?

I have scores of games that are virtually unplayable without some kind of hardware/software "cheating" system (e.g. DOSBox and similar emulators) yet that didn't stop me from enjoying them when they came out (in fact, many of them were only enjoyable BECAUSE I played them when they were new, since most games do not stand the test of time).

BioShock may not be a game to your liking and that is fine, but if you miss out on a game that you would otherwise like to play just because of a principle that is, in my opinion, rather irrational/illogical then it really is a shame.
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