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January 24th, 2010, 18:41
I have Risen, Gothic 3, and Gothic 2/NoTR but havent finished any of them yet. The original Gothic is definitely one of my favorite all-time games, if not THE favorite of mine, but when I first started Gothic 2, I didnt have NoTR, and for some reason I couldnt get into it as much as the original. I thought the game was still fantastic, but the running around to farms at the beginning of the game got quite boring to me. I made it to 3rd chapter (I think it was) where you go into the VoM and to the human castle there, but that is when I stopped playing. I couldnt figure out a way to get back and forth to the castle without having to chug speed potions and running like hell. It felt a bit wonky to me.

That said, I recently got ahold of the NoTR expansion and plan on giving it another go. When I played the first Gothic, I played as a mage and had a blast, but with G2 I found myself going the paladin route. Maybe if I start again and play as a mage this time also, I will have more fun. I know the game is going to be great, but Im not sure I can stomach going through the first and second chapters again. I really really really want to like this, and really would like to move on with the series and Risen
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