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January 28th, 2010, 18:20
Troika's classic steampunk crpg, Arcanum, now joins the catalogue of older games revamped for modern computers at Good Old Games. The price is $5.99 U.S.
Here's the announcement:
If you already know this game, you should require no introduction. If, for some reason, you haven't played it yet, you've somehow sidestepped a legend and should atone by experiencing it at your earliest convenience.

Arcanum is a computer role-playing game and at the same time the name of a unique world - a classic fantasy setting at its core, but intertwined with steampunk, with the world currently in the middle of an industrial revolution. Its creators took advantage of this by implementing a beautifully complex character creation system and having the world and storyline adapt to whatever character you have created. To top it off, you can travel the open-ended world as you see fit and complete quests in a variety of ways - from combat, through diplomacy, to plain thievery. It's simply one of the greatest RPG titles of all time. What more recommendation could you possibly need?
Follow this link to get all the information; and should you decide to purchase, help out the Watch through our sponsorship program.
More information.
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