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January 31st, 2010, 17:42
I finished it, well almost, one chest not opened, not sure if it's a bug or a trick. It last me almost 1 hour of preparation because the introduction let know it's better use Alister and Wynne, but I didn't used much Alister in this play, the time to level up, equip, gifts and chat.

Then it last me 3 hours, many people quote 1 hour, but 1 hour is certainly possible but in hurry. There's a bit of everything, many fights, some more challenging, some talks and chats, some nice flashback, a bit of emotion, many nice items perhaps too many but well hard to complain. Strangely enter in addon correct a sword, Ageless by giving it 2 runes slots it should have (I read you could sell and buy it to correct this too).

It is perhaps missing one or two much more rude fight (hard difficulty), but even if I lost none there's some hot part and I could have use a party a bit too strong with a small sort of cheat behind, no rogue and a mod allowing non rogue open chests. It has much more items than the two other DLC, too much but well it's nice too. I spend some time to study them in detail, rune equip them and find who use each. There's nice stuff for any classes and weapons specialization but mages and for Archer only one special item and not so noteworthy. That said, there's a chest I didn't open, perhaps it has something for mages.

Overall great DLC, for me same level of qualities than the two other DLC but for different reasons, this one is as good and longer than Warden Keep with a bit less story density but more emotion… and much more items!
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