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February 2nd, 2010, 13:34
Originally Posted by blackcanopus View Post
And I do not agree with the score either, because Arcanum was (and still is) one of the best and most complex RPGs ever made.
And I really don't know why some people keep complaining about major bugs and mysterious "minor nuisances", while every single computer game (including RPGs which are complex by nature) has at least a dozen of them.
Oblivion was so buggy it damaged my hard disk (the computer crashed and restarted while the game was being saved) and yet, none of the critics seemed to notice. Fallout3 was a bugfest -for crying out loud- and yet, the critic scores were sky-high.
But when we are talking about Arcanum, Planescape Torment or other complex games, bugs and those "minor nuisances" suddenly become important and the score drops to 8.
It's about perception and personal experience

Also, Arcanum was a "modest" title and not an AAA game. AAA games have a lot of money behind them, which means developers and publishers have invested a lot of resources to ensure they're hyped and well received.

People who don't invest themselves in the industy and gaming tend to not really have a personal in-depth knowledge about the history of gaming, and the media can be a very powerful influence on the opinions of the masses.

I guess that's why most people you meet will have firm opinions about George Clooney or Britney Spears - even though they've never actually met them or have anything real to base their thoughts on. They have what they're shown, nothing more.

With all that crap said, I certainly recall Arcanum being littered with bugs and massive imbalances.




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