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February 2nd, 2010, 20:59
I played it as an Infiltrator - and I found the class much more comfortable than in ME1 - where I found it weak and nearly useless.

The combination of Level 4 Tactical Cloak and Level 4 Operative is devastating. You slow time for 6 seconds every time you zoom your sniper rifle and you're invisible when cloaked - dealing extreme damage near the end - and that's not counting headshots. My sniper rifle damage far exceeded any heavy weapon I tried, for instance. Only the very top tier enemies didn't drop in 1 head shot.

I despise the heat sink mechanic - but it's no biggie.

I started out on veteran, and found it easy enough - but the endless filler combats made me turn down to "medium" just to make them less annoying. With the above combination, the game is a total pushover - but it felt right for what the game really is - which is a majestic interactive movie with an adrenaline rush on occasion. Ultimately not the experience I'm looking for in a game, but a fine one all the same.




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