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February 3rd, 2010, 13:36
Originally Posted by ToddMcF2002 View Post
Oblivion has its issue but a bugfest? Seriously. Fallout 3 freezes / crashes occasionally but that's all I've experienced. Sadly Arcanum I can't get to play at a decent framerate (it runs at warp speed).
Fallout 3 has more problems than occasional crashes and freezes.

Serious collision-detection bugs: Characters/monsters get stuck around, inside or above objects. Example: My in-game-father got stuck inside a rock (when we were traveling to Megaton) and I had to reload from a very early save.

Numerous clipping bugs: People/creatures walk on the air. They float as if they are ghosts. Imagine what happens when a key characters goes out for a walk on the air, or an enemy starts shooting you from above. RELOAD, and if you haven't saved recently… You're screwed.

Characters disappearance: Some characters disappear without a trace. Imagine what happens when a key character disappears.

Numerous AI problems: Self explanatory. Sometimes when your companions start running around without a reason, you just want to shoot them.

Objects and dead creatures/people start moving and shaking like crazy.

I have made a video of some of these bugs. Maybe I will upload it later.
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