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February 8th, 2010, 14:12
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Perhaps you weren't aware, but your decision also changes the ending.

I know that. But still it boils down to the question of whether you *want* to be evil or good. I do not think that this is very interesting. Apart from psychopaths, people do immoral things to get some reward that you wouldn't get if you were good.

Some games do it right. For example you may steal a lot and get great equipment now, and only face consequences further down the road (or sometimes not at all). Others avoid good and evil choices altogether and make choices more gray.

Bioshock (and some other titles) are more superficial. Whether you are good or bad, the game is equally easy/hard at all times. I am sure most players only choose to be evil because they want to see what it's like in the game. Fallout 3's Megaton nuke quest is another example of such shallowness.

Choices become more interesting if you make the evil path more tempting. Make the reward for kiling the girl much greater, or the one for saving the girl much smaller. Give players who blow up Megaton not only an apartment, but also some piece of unique armor, or a permanent stats raise.

I am happy that at least DArtagnan understands
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