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February 8th, 2010, 16:34
- If you have push/pull abilities, then you could also push/pull the elf from the tree to fall and take damage. Or to move a unit back into a flaming/acid square.
- Druid types could have the ability to animate vegetation, so whoever's near/on a tree will now have to fight it.
- Break a rock into pebbles -> ammo for a telekinesis spell, or push/pull an enemy into it and he/she will have penalties to movement or accuracy.
- Melt a space with ice, the unit on it will fall in the hole, needing time to get out of it.
- Bridges, the perfect place for ambushes… from both sides! Or pull your enemies into a bridge and then cut the ropes!
- Illusory terrain. Have enemies (or you) create an illusory terrain that either a PC or NPC would use for something, and then it turns out to be an enemy or a trap. Like in your example of a tree, the elf will move into the tree to climb it, only to fall on a spiked hole.
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