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February 8th, 2010, 19:09
I haven't played Armored Princess, but I probably wouldn't have voted for King's Bounty over Dragon Age. The problem with comparing the two is that AP really isn't a crpg. It's a strategy game with a few crpg wrappings. The poll was called Best RPG of 2009 which would eliminate AP from contention. If they just called it Favorite Game that we covered of 2009, then maybe it'd get a few more votes To me, Sacred 2 is much more crpg than AP but I still wouldn't vote for it either. Dragon Age, Risen, and Drakensang are true crpgs. My 2.

Probably a different topic, but does AP add anything new to the King's Bounty gameplay? I played the first island, fought the 3000 combats switching out troops, etc. Played the second island, same idea different troops, got to the 3rd island and again it was exactly the same stuff just different troops, so I uninstalled the game.
I'd seen everything on the first island-minus a rage creature or two.
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