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February 10th, 2010, 13:37
Where is Deus Ex 3 on the list? I reckon it could be ready in 2010 since they've been in development since late 2007 and stated that the project would take about 2 years.

Okay so its probbaly delayed somehwat but i still think it could be released by end of this year because that would be 3 years from dev start.

Personally i have a gut feeling Deus Ex 3 could be very good, as they seem to be bending over backwards to match the openness and path freedom of the first game. Im also happy to hear the Deus Ex 3 FAQ emphasise that this will not be a shooter primarily, though the shooting parts will be cool.

Also they say that when you do hacking in Deus Ex it wont be a minigame as such, and you'll be able to look around while doing the hacking to make sure no guards see you. That sounds refreshing.

Keeping my fingers crossed, too many dissapointtments lately.
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