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February 10th, 2010, 17:03
…but… where's Grimoire? SteveCleve's gonna finish it and release it someday you know… [EDIT] Dunno why I ALWAYS want to call him steve even though I know it's Cleve… [/EDIT]

Anyways about the only two that I'm interested in ATM is Two Worlds 2, but I'll be waiting to see how it ends up before buying, i.e. did they correct the problems of TW and add enough new things(like a full first person view, as I never did care for 3rd person/isometric for single char RPGs).

Drakensang: River of Time is the one that I really want though, although I hope that they fixed their rendering problems. This game gave my 4850 fits in places with the dreaded atikmdag.dll has stopped working but recovered(game would pause for 1-2m then keep going or just CTD). Only one of two games that had problems, but I suspect that they did something weird with their shaders in a way that ATI drivers didn't like, although I did see a few complaints about nVidia drivers bluescreening too, so…

Fallout from Bethesda… I've just about given up on Bethesda no matter who they have make the game Toddles will still be around to FUBAR things.
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