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February 11th, 2010, 15:05
Gothic 3 was ambitious – even innovative – but lost sight of some of the core values that fans held dear
Such as…?
Originally Posted by Madigan View Post
I could play new game after new game with this very engine and PB's awesome ability to create immersive worlds and never tire of it.
I don't get it why people find PB's worlds so ''immersive''? They have got almost no lore (expect for the mention of certain gods in Gothics), dialogues are dull and badly written (or poorly translated), characters totally undeveloped, quests unimaginative… The list goes on. Everything expect combat and exploring is done completely amateurish. Yeah, Dragon Age's got invisible walls, but the world feels alive, it has history, characters actually have some character… That's immersive.

Last year, I only played Risen and DAO, and the latter is far superior. That's a fact. Risen's only better at exploring (and you can say it's got a better combat system if you don't like your combat tactical).
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